K.C. Film & Photo currently shoots on a Canon 5D Mark IV body. Our lens kit includes, a 70-200 mm, a 50mm 1.4 and a 40-70mm. 
To stabilize we use a glide cam HD 2000 and a monopod from Man Frotto. 

What equipment do you use?

How do I get the video from you?

I send you a link that will take you to your video and let you download it from there. If you would like a DVD version, I can mail one to you for an extra $20

Do you do photo and video at my birth?

I am focused on the video so I cannot promise any photos. You can always screenshot the video and get photos from that. If you would like some photos in the hospital, I can do that for an extra $60. 

Do I just call you when I go into labor?

YES! I usually come when you get to a 6 but keep in touch when you start contracting and go into the hospital.