Yay! Baby is coming! Congrats! I can’t wait to capture this beautiful day for you.


Video Option #1 ($500)

Example: https://vimeo.com/223167141


FULL BIRTH PACKAGE: Call when contractions start/when she heads to the hospital. Meet you there when mom is around a 6, film contractions, labor, and birth from her heads perspective. Shots of the doctor placing baby on her chest for the first time and all the first moments. 4 hours is $500 + every additional hour $75


This video package includes..

  • Footage before birth (laying in bed, contractions, nurses..etc.)

  • Shots of Hospital (room number, hallway, date etc.)

  • The birth itself (I can stand wherever you would like me to!)

  • Shots of baby on mom for the first time, first cry, dad cutting cord etc.

  • Baby being weighed and measured

  • Visitors

  • Mom and Dad with baby


Video Option #2 ($300)



This video package includes..

Right after birth, cleaning/weighing baby, family meeting baby in hospital


Want the raw footage? I charge $200 for the flash drive and mailing it to you.


Are you having a C Section? I would love to still be there and capture that for you! Here is an example of what I can do for you! https://vimeo.com/207562326


Each video requires a $50 down deposit to reserve your spot on my calendar! You also will need to sign a contract from K.C. Film & Photo to ensure your understanding on my policies.


Info I need to know before delivery

  • Hospital you are delivering at

  • Is this your first pregnancy?

  • Did you deliver before your due date with previous pregnancy?

  • Did you progress quickly with previous pregnancy? (So I can plan my day :))

  • Do you plan to go natural?


Info I need to know when you go into hospital

  • Room number

  • Are your contractions close together?

  • Code to get into women’s pavilion (depending on hospital)


Basically, I will give you my number and we will just keep in touch. For most of my Birth Story videos, I go back and forth from the hospital depending on how fast you progress. I am super flexible and will definitely be wherever you need me to be! :)



I get a lot of questions about the music I use for videos. I get most, if not all, of my music from a website for videographers. I unfortunately cannot use a popular song that I cannot get the copyright license for. All music I put into videos have to have a copyright license. If you have a song in mind, let me know. Otherwise, you can leave the song choosing to me. (one less thing you have to worry about:))


Payment Options

I love love love the app, Venmo. Basically, you can send money easily to and from others. Feel free to download the app, put in your card info, find Kallie Cooper and send me the payment that way. If you don’t want to download the app, I can always send you a paypal invoice.


When will I get my video?

Woot woot! So.. I love to edit. Absolutely love it therefore, I am super fast. This is how I am different from other videographers. I can get you your video two weeks after the birth.


How do I get my video?

I use www.vimeo.com/kalliecooper. I will upload your video, put it on a special privacy setting, have you watch it with a passcode I give you and you can let me know if you want anything changed. After you give the A-OK I will make your video viewable to the public. On Vimeo, under your video, there is a download button. Feel free to download it and have it on your computer forever!


Want a DVD? For an extra $30 I can make you a DVD, put it in a DVD case and mail it off to you so you can watch it wherever your heart desires!


I love to share my projects! I usually post on Instagram @kcfilmandphoto and on Facebook on www.facebook.com/kcfilmandphoto. If you are not okay with that, feel free to let me know.


Wahoo! You made it to the end! Have you seen any Birth Story videos you love? Send me the link! Go ahead now and email me that you are in and we can get started on scheduling your video!


I can’t wait to work for you! I know it may sound weird to have a videographer in the delivery room or at the hospital but trust me you will not regret it! Some have seen my videos and wish they would have had one done for their previous deliveries.


Thanks! Can’t wait to hear from you!


Kallie Cooper

K.C. Film & Photo


Make sure to follow me and see my portfolio on www.instagram.com/kcfilmandphoto!