Thank you so much in your interest in working with K.C. Film & Photo. We can’t wait to create something amazing with you!


Alrighty, let’s talk Lifestyle video! Lifestyles are some of my favorite videos to create, there are endless ideas! I love it!


**All packages include a $50 deposit fee that will need to be payed to reserve your date.**


First of all, let’s talk all the different ideas you could do… Fashion videos, at home doin’ whatchu do, missionary homecomings, birthday parties..all of that fun stuff.

Lifestyle Video Packages:


Capturing the beauty in your daily life moments($85):

  • 90 minute session

  • You can choose two locations. Clients usually choose their home + a park or something but, we can do wherever!

  • No need to get all dressed up. For these types of videos, it’s better to be more casual.

  • If you want to go to a park, maybe bring a favorite family toy.. Scooters, kites..etc.

  • Sometimes it is fun to eat something in the video? Any ideas? Most people do donuts or cupcakes.

  • Just have fun + be yourself, the more casual, the better the video


Missionary Homecoming($80):

  • Missionary homecomings are one of my favorite videos. Nothing can beat that special moment.

  • I like to have the flight information BEFORE the day the missionary comes home so I can watch the fight and make sure I am there in enough time.

  • I film the family before the missionary arrives.

  • Shots of your signs, shots of the airport before..etc.

  • The missionary coming down the escalator

  • Missionary hugging family for the first time

  • Shots of the missionary talking to family

  • I can also take a group photo for you as well!

  • Shots of the family leaving the airport


Fashion/Blog Video($67):

  • 60 minute shoot

  • You can wear a few different outfits

  • We can go to two locations

  • Maybe a shot of you working on your laptop somewhere?

  • There are ENDLESS ideas, let’s talk


If your project does not fit under these options, feel free to email me and we can talk about it!


What’s next? Go ahead + email a few dates you are available, + I can let you know if I have an opening.

Then we can talk location, talk a blueprint for your video + to reserve your spot, you can send me your down deposit.


I give myself at least a week to get your video back to you but, my specialty is to edit super fast. I can potentially get it to you in two-three days. I will post your video on my vimeo page + you can download your video from there.

That is pretty much everything you need to know.


I can’t wait to work together! If you have any questions at all, please email me at or text me at 801.573.5270